Moments – The Confetti

Feb 13, 2017 | moments

confetti moment at a London wedding

capturing confetti moments at a london wedding

When it comes to confetti, everyone loves it but I think kids are obsessed with it.

After Philippa and Alex’s legal ceremony, we rushed outside to throw confetti and do a couple of group photos.   I know how important these photo’s are to my couples but also their families but every now and again you get a kid who is interested in everything but standing up straight and looking at the camera and I LOVE it.  Betsy is that kid, she is an explorer, always running around, wanting to play and find an adventure.  While everyone was lined up, ready for their photo to be taken, Betsy was busy picking up the confetti, probably wanting to through some more in celebration. And while I know that the group will live on the fireplace for years to come, I know that when Philippa & Alex and their girls look at this photo, they will be telling stories about Betsy, about how she cried during the ceremony, how she ran around, weaving in and out of everyone while we tried to do the photos, about how as a kid she was curious and full of spirit and I hope it makes them all laugh and smile.



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