Moments – Mother of the Bride speech

Feb 18, 2017 | moments

Mother of the bride speech

Sometimes I want to document the whole scene, the big picture. Sometimes I document the little details and during the speeches I get to do both.  At Aimme and Matt’s wedding, Aimee’s mum decided she wanted to do a mother of the bride speech.  It was a break from tradition and it was perfect. During her speech I knew I would get plenty of opportunity to document the bigger picture, the whole scene but in the moments leading up to the speech I saw her sat at the table, speech in front of her. Her hands placed in her lap, rubbing them together in nervous anticpation. I could feel her nerves, the importance and significance  of what she was about to do weighing heavy on her shoulders.  The table is scattered with menus and orders of service, the disposable cameras for guest to take pictures with, the little flags everyone waved in celebration of the couples marriage.  In some ways this is a wedding, full of excitement, nerves, anticipation.




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  1. SO much about this that I LOVE Lisa.


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