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Mar 30, 2016 | alternative london wedding photography, alternative wedding photographer, moments

Crouch End Wedding Lisa Jane Photography

Creative wedding photography, it’s one of the ways I try to describe my style of photography and how I try to document a wedding. I am always trying to push myself creatively, be the best photographer for my couples. I share a lot of the portraits I take and when I talk to my couples, they love their portraits and it is amazing to see them use my photographs for their profile photos. What they always comment on thought is the little moments I document, that maybe not everyone saw, the little moments that don’t want to forget.

The next instalment in the ‘Moments’ series is again one of those moments.

I think the expectation at a wedding is that the bride will always be the one to cry, but I love it when a groom gets emotional.

Nina was running a little late for the ceremony and the excitement and anticipation in the room was palpable when she walked in. I could see Miguel’s nerves turn to happiness as she walked into the room.  They held each others hands tightly, for most of the ceremony and kept smiling through out. When it came to their vows they decided to make it really personal and wrote each other the most beautiful and heartfelt letters.  As Miguel unfolded his letter, a nervous giggle set in and as he started to read to Nina, a tear rolled down his face. Overcome with emotion, he wiped away the tears, took a moment to regain his composure and tried to carry on, but not before Nina leaned over, gave him a kiss and then grabbed his hand to offer her support.

As I took this photograph, I had tears rolling down my face.

To be a witness to such love was something special, but to be able to capture that moment and then give the couple that special memory is something else. To me THIS IS IT. This it why I do what I do.

Crouch End Wedding - Lisa Jane Photography - creative wedding photography


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