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Fun Brighton Pub Wedding Previews- Amy and Duncan

bride in black cab by Brighton pub wedding photography Lisa Jane Photography

 A Brighton Town Hall ceremony, The Hartington Pub for the reception and the ULTIMATE evening entertainment…ELVIS Pub weddings are a favourite of mine, especially when it involves the seaside in Brighton. These are just a few of my favourite images from Amy and Duncan’s Brighton Pub wedding. Now normally I post a couple of images from […]

Katie & Vaughan – London Elopement

Alternative elopement wedding photography London

elope: run away to marry, run off/away together, slip away, sneak off, steal away; run off/away with a lover Well to elope was exactly what Katie & Vaughan did one Monday morning.  It was just these two and Katie’s parents. We turned up at Haringey Civic Centre, Katie was rocking a gorgeous red dress and Vaughan came […]

Sneak Peek – Relaxed Destination Wedding in Italy

destination wedding photography by Lisa Jane Photography

 Italian destination wedding photography…what a dream job. I’ve just got back from the most beautiful destination wedding in Italy. Max and Sophie planned the most fun filled day. Everyone stayed at their venue Ca del Moro, which meant everyone was poolside with a drink in hand soaking up the glorious weather every morning. There was plenty of […]

Holga Wedding Portraits

alternative double exposure holga wedding photography

Holga Wedding Portraits Every since I brought my holga I have been in love. My beloved holga, held together with tape is not the most professional of cameras but when she helps create images like this, I don’t really care. I have had this camera for years and it always travels with me. Whether it’s a […]

Sneak Peeks – Micklefield Hall Wedding

micklefield Hall wedding photography

A Micklefield Hall wedding. I’ve been so excited about this wedding. From the moment Frances and I started chatting, I knew she would look stunning, like a old movie star. Frances was keen for lots of black and white portraits and really wanted me to take polaroids during their portrait session, two of my favourite […]

Creative Wedding Portraits

creative wedding portraits by Lisa Jane Photography

Creative Wedding Portraits While I love photographing the whole day at a wedding, there are certain parts of the day which get me really excited and the portraits are one part of the day that I LOVE.  And it’s all down to a couple getting to spend some time together. The first five minutes of […]