Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A first look

The beach, the grey skies of the English coast, a groom waits patiently to see his bride for the first time.

Carolyn and Craig, stole my heart when I met them, we talked about their plans and they mentioned that they had been thinking about doing a first look.  We talked about the benefits of a first look, how if would affect their timeline for the day, what impact it would have on their photos and they were sold.
When it came to their day, the rain let up and Craig waited patiently on the beach for Carolyn to appear. There were smiles, laughter and a few tears.  I then spent about 45 mins on beach taking their portraits, letting the two of the have some time alone, drinking in the excitement and letting all the nervous energy fade away.  

These are just a few photos from the first look. I can not wait to share their whole day with you.

Friday, 10 January 2014

2013 - You blew my mind!

Wow! 2013 was a whirlwind. So many changes, so many amazing couples, so many wonderful memories.
There was the time I sneaked off into the woods with the bride and groom, the time I danced all night with one of my couples, the cheeky sailor jerry and coke, the first dance in the woods, the windy pier, the Bruce Springsteen reading...I could go on but I don't want to bore you.  
Here are some of my best bits of 2013...this is just the highlights!



Thank you to every couple that invited me into their special day, trusted me to work my magic and have since become friends. I am forever grateful!I am so excited about 2014.  More amazing couples, more adventures, more memories to be made.