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Moments – Getting Ready

Whether it is a London wedding or a destination wedding, there are certain moments which are universal. This is one of them.

Once the dress is on and the last details are added, there is this moment of calm.

Helen’s room had been a hive of activity that morning. Her bridesmaids had been in and out the room, helping, one of their best friends who was officiating the ceremony popped in to run through their ceremony and Helen’s mum dropped by to watch Helen get into her dress. Champagne was drunk and then it was time to add the final touches to Helen’s outfit. As she put on her shoes and stood up to smooth out her dress, the room fell quiet and was filled with a sense of calm.

When I look back at this moment, I can remember all of Helen’s nerves falling away, her body relaxing, knowing that all the planning had come together and in a few moments she would get to see her boy.

I love this moment during bridal prep.

Destination wedding photographer

You can see more of Helen and Stephen’s wedding here!

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