One of the great things about a London wedding is that you can walk from the ceremony to the venue.

Becky and Tony did just that and as soon as their family photos were complete, most of their guests made a beeline for the pub.  We hung back to do a few portraits and when we were on route to the pub we bumped into Becky’s grandparents. What I loved about these two is that before the wedding, they were both in the pub, having a cheeky drink, in a local pub.  Becky showed me a picture of her grandma, drinking a cocktail out of a mason jar. 

On the walk to the pub, I jumped ahead and looked back to find the two of them walking hand in hand, full of smiles. It was as I was looking back that I noticed Becky was joining them, linking arms with her granddad, giving him a helping hand but also getting to spend some time with her grandparents before the excitement of the reception begins.  

Becky’s grandparents are not from London so I love the sight of them wandering down the east end streets, surrounded by the hustle and bustle.

The three of them together on such a very special day.

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