365 – a photograph a day – week two

Jan 18, 2011 | 365, black and white, detail, portraits, UK

So after week one the mission to complete week two of the 365 project began. 

day 10
Monday wasn’t such a great day but it provided me with a little inspiration.

day 11
Planning both a wedding and photography shoots has meant I need to take some time out to get organised.
day 12
Alex catches up on some reading!
day 13
Day 13 was hectic and I didn’t stop until about 10pm.  I got inspired on the way home by the wet streets of London.

day 14
A late night supermarket shop, why do we never have any food in the house?

day 15
Taken after a night out with some amazing photographers. I still class it as day 15’s photograph as I hadn’t been to bed at this point.
day 16
I found someones shopping list in our trolley on Sunday.  I love finding things like this, its a great insight into someones life.

Working 9 to 5 every day makes this project a difficult one.  With it being dark by the time I leave work, trying to photograph with available light isn’t always possible. I think planning is going to be the key over the coming months to ensure I am pushing myself.
I really want to shoot some of my 365 on film but I am not sure how to organise it.


  1. I love these pictures! You are so talented!

  2. I know what you mean about the day job constraints – I really wanted to do a 365 but knew that I’d not have time and inspiration on some days and that i’d be annoyed with myself.

    I think the photos are brill though.

  3. Love your 2nd week. I’m sure I’ve commented on some in flickr but I really love the feel of these photos. Especially the one in the rain so so gorgeous. 🙂 Keep it up & thank you for setting up the challenge x

  4. Hi Lisa, lovely photos x

    PS. I too love finding other people’s receipts, one of life’s free and simple pleasures.

  5. I can always tell the age group of someone by their list. Not by the handwriting, but by the types of food. some of them you just know are and elderly list by some of the old fashioned foods.


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