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Moments – Dance floor

kid on the dance floor

A kid on the dance floor with his mothers shoes.  That is it, it probably happens at every wedding but there is something about this moment. Kids are curious, always looking. The want to be grown up, to be just like every one else.  When I say this little one running around before the dancing […]

Moments – First Dance

first dance by lisa Jane photography

In the midst of their wedding, Juan, Ursula and I headed off to do a few portraits. It was an opportunity for them to spend some time alone and let all the excitement of the day sink in. Just as I had taken the last portrait, I realised the nerves regarding dancing in front of […]

Moments – The Confetti

confetti moment at a London wedding

When it comes to confetti, everyone loves it but I think kids are obsessed with it. After Philippa and Alex’s legal ceremony, we rushed outside to throw confetti and do a couple of group photos.   I know how important these photo’s are to my couples but also their families but every now and again you […]

Moments – helping hand

Lisa Jane Photography, creative wedding photography

Having your best friend with you on the morning of your wedding, helps calm the nerves and adds some excitement. It’s like the build up to every night out you had as friends, just 20 times better! You are never quite sure, how you will feel on the morning of the wedding.  You could be […]

Moments – Second Photographer

London creative wedding photography

Kids at weddings can help create some really amazing memories. This little girl followed El around until we got to their wedding venue, she didn’t want to leave her side until she spotted the disposable cameras Darren and El had left out for their guests to use. For a little while she followed me around […]