Thursday, 24 May 2012

Silvie and Mark

Silvie and Mark's wedding was a dream, full of smiles and laughter.  I arrived at The Powder Rooms on Columbia Road, where Silvie and her friends were getting married and even before I set foot in the shop, this girl had the biggest grin on here face. There were no nerves, just excitement. 
I loved every moment of this wedding day, not only because Silvie and Mark are amazing but also because the day centred around their friends and family. They surrounded themselves with their closest friends and family and made sure everyone had fun.  They took everything in their stride, even when they turned up at Hackney Town Hall and couldn't plug in their phone to play their entrance music. Some couples would have panicked but these two just shrugged their shoulders and giggled. Meanwhile, myself and some of their friends were frantically trying to download the song onto our iphones. Needless to say between the few of us, the song was downloaded and they walked down the aisle to their song.